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“Expand Your ‘Printables’ Creation Skills Using These Easy-to-Master, Advanced Digital Design Strategies!
Ramp Up Your Printables Using These Pro-Level, Must-Learn Designs!
From the Virtual Desk of Tony Laidig!

RE: Next-Level Printables...

The Printables market is MASSIVE and there are MANY ways to profit from it! In “Create Practical Projects: Printables,” we explored the Printables Marketplace through three types of Printables: Displayables, Editables, and Cutables. Honestly, we barely scratched the surface for what is possible with Printables, and more importantly, what is SELLING with Printables!
“Etsy Offers ONE Doorway...There Are Others!”

While Etsy is one of the more popular marketplaces for Printables, it isn't the ONLY option. As a matter of fact, MANY of the most successful Printables sellers don't even use Etsy as their primary selling platform!

And then there are the questions as to what REALLY sells in the Printables Market! Where should you REALLY be focusing your time and energy?

In “Advanced Printables Design.” we dive deep into the answers to these questions and more! 

Here is what we will cover in this brand-new, 3-Module Training:

  • Module 1: Printables for the Educational Market – The Education Market is HUGE in MANY different product areas and Printables is certainly no exception. As a matter of fact, Education-Based Printables are some of the hottest-selling on multiple sales channels! And by “Education” I don't just mean content for children! As a matter of fact, this is category is my own personal area of focus for Printables! In this module, we will dive DEEP into the best types of Printables to create for this market, as well as HOW to create them, where to get the resources and more!
  • ​Module 2: Creating Matching Bundle Sets – The TOP selling Printables, hands-down, are Bundles: Party Bundles, Games Bundles, Digital Papers Bundles, Junk Journal Bundles, and MORE! This is a HUGE Printables playground that offers a LOT of creative design opportunity...including some pretty cool ways to use Public Domain content! We will ALSO dive into creating unique SVGs from scratch for products like packaging, envelopes, and more!
  • ​Module 3: Beyond Etsy (Other Printables Marketplaces) – Is Etsy your BEST options for selling Printables? For getting started, most likely! But there are MANY other Printables selling options as well! In this module, I will go through the pros and cons of all the most popular selling platforms so that you can make an educated decision on how to best build your Printables business. We will ALSO talk about specific marketing strategies you can use to build your exposure and sales!
“An Invitation for YOU!”

This is your opportunity to expand your skills and insights for building a Printables business from ground-zero! You will discover practical, easy-to-implement processes to help you design the BEST types of Printables, as well as the insights on how to set up your business the RIGHT way!
“Advanced Printables Design!”
Your Investment TODAY Includes:
  • Module 1: Printables for the Educational Market
  • Module 2: Creating Matching Bundle Sets
  • Module 3: Beyond Etsy (Other Printables Marketplaces)
  • BONUS: All the Training Slides as “Printable” PDFs. :) 
  • BONUS: ALL Source Materials for You to Recreate Each Printable Product from the Course!
  • BONUS: “Designing Products for the Educational Market” Video Training.
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In addition to what we are covering in “Advanced Printables Design,” in “Create Practical Projects: Printables” you will discover:

Module 1: Displayables with step-by-step, follow-along product creation demos.
Module 2: Editables with step-by-step, follow-along product creation demos.
Module 3: Cutables with step-by-step, follow-along product creation demos.
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