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“Easily Leverage the Popularity and Selling Power of “Printables” to Explode Your Online Sales Opportunities!
Creating and Selling Your OWN Digital Products Means NO Inventory, Overhead, and Headaches...JUST Sales!
From the Virtual Desk of Tony Laidig!

RE: The Printables Market...

I have to admit...I LOVE physical products of all types...BUT...there are TWO special qualities about digital products that I love MORE...

1) The “set it and forget it” dynamic (no shipping)!
2) The “do the work once and get paid over and over” dynamic (no inventory)!

Think about it...the creator selling “printables” has NO shipping, NO inventory, and NO physical production costs, yet they can STILL express their creativity in ways that benefit others! It’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me!
“Etsy Opened an Amazing, Creative Door!”

Printables have been created and downloaded for years...well before Etsy opened their doors to them. But Etsy’s foray into that market unleashed the creativity of thousands of makers in ways that expanded printable opportunities in many amazing ways!

In my own research, I have identified THREE primary and popular types of printables:

• Displayables: These are printables meant for display or for use in craft projects. Examples would be downloadable art and photography, type-based designs, games, cards, etc.

• Editables: These printables are meant to be edited and customized by the end-user before being printed on their own printer or by a service. Custom invitations, forms, and recipe card templates are popular examples.

• Cutables: This category of printables is geared toward craft projects that require cutouts, Cricut and Silhouette, cutters, laser engravers and cutters, CNC machines, etc. Handmade packaging, vinyl cutouts, and fabric-based projects top the category in popularity.

The BEST part of creating and selling printable is that they don’t require a lot of expensive or specialty software! And, when you bring Public Domain images into the mix, that just amps up the possibilities exponentially!

In other words...just about ANYONE can create and sell Printables!
“An Invitation for YOU!”

After MANY requests, I am putting together a deep-dive, in-depth training on Printables as the FIRST course in a brand-new series! As you might suspect, there will be a module for EACH of the three Printables categories! During the “over-my-shoulder” demos of each Module, I will create multiple Printables products, beginning-to-end, and then give you access to ALL the source files so that you can follow along and create the SAME products yourself. That way, you can learn by doing by simply following the same steps I share during the training! As you discover each creation method (they will be simple and straightforward), you will be armed with the methodology to then create your OWN printables to sell on Etsy, your own website, etc.
“Create Practical Projects: Printables!”

In this brand-new, 3-Module, game-changing training, we will cover... 
  • Module 1: Displayables with step-by-step, follow-along product creation demos.
  • Module 2: Editables with step-by-step, follow-along product creation demos.
  • Module 3: Cutables with step-by-step, follow-along product creation demos.
  • BONUS: All the Training Slides as “Printable” PDFs. :) 
  • BONUS: ALL Source Materials for You to Recreate Each Printable Product from the Course!
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massively popular product creation opportunity! 
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Your Investment TODAY Includes:
  • Access to the LIVE Webinar Training Modules.
  • Ongoing Access to All 3 Video Training Modules.
  • BONUS - All the Training Slides as Downloadable PDFs.
  • BONUS - All Source Materials for the Course-Created Projects.
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Course Teaching Schedule: Thursdays – February 11, 18, & 25, 2021 @ 6pm ET!
Get “Create Practical Products: Printables” and “Public Domain Maker Hacks”
for a Special BUNDLE Price!
In addition to what we are covering in “Printables,” in “Public Domain Maker Hacks” you will discover:

Module One:​ How and where to find content and resources related to the Maker arts and crafts categories. Trust me when I tell you there are LOTS...many of which I've kept under wraps...until now!

Module Two:​ Once you've found great content in the Public Domain, how do you actually profit from it in the Maker Space? I'll show you several, fun and easy methods for creating great products using the content you discover!

Module Three: One of the most fun ways to profit from Maker content found in the Public Domain is to use it to make stuff for yourself and others! We'll look at different types of projects to make, where to sell them, and more!
Get BOTH Courses for the Price of ONE!
Just $394 $97 for a Limited Time!
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